Thursday, 7 September 2017

WindChime v1.4

New Features for version 1.4 of WindChime

  • Bootloader support
  • EMC Testing

Menu highlighted to show new screens
Note that you can update to v1.4 from v1.3 from within the app using the Update screen


Before using the bootloader functions, ensure you are first connected to the spectro. Note also that /dev/ttyO1 is now the default setting, however the app will remember your setting.

Currently the spectro is in Bootloader mode, press JUMP

The spectro is now in Application mode

In order to use the spectro, you will need to issue the jump command to put the Spectro into application mode.

Launch Settings

WindChime will launch automatically on boot up, you can set to connect automatically and send a jump instruction.

EMC Testing

The EMC Test screen will periodically send out the current date and time. You can either send to a printer or to a file on a connected USB memory stick. Note that if you are having problems with your USB memory stick please see How to safely eject a USB memory stick.

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