Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Region of Interest

As of  Thor v1.04 there is a new Region Of Settings (ROI) screen. The region of interest is the area around a capillary tube in the image returned from the camera. Since there are 3 capillary tubes to measure there will need to be three ROI areas to set.

The precise position of the capillary tubes in relation of the camera is different for each melting point apparatus and so the ROI for each capillary tube will need to be manually set by the user before you can perform an automatic melting point.

You can access the ROI settings screen from the settings screen:

Wait a few seconds for the camera image to arrive

Above you can see the 3 tubes (white), a red, green and blue rectangle. Each rectangle can be moved by dragging the squares in the corners.

The idea is to drag the rectangles so that they hug their corresponding tubes:

When you are satisfied with each ROI setting, press the SAVE button. If you need to reset the ROI positions preset the reset button

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