Thursday, 7 May 2015

Installing an APK

In this post I will explain how to install an Android App on a Chipsee Android computer, the app I use here is called Thor but the guide can be used for any app.

Uninstall the older version

First find the app, on the home screen press the apps button as shown below:

Touch and hold the Thor icon:

Wait for the home screen to show and then drag the icon to the bin:

Press OK to uninstall

Thor has now been uninstalled

Copy APK to Android

1. Copy the APK file on to a USB memory stick
2. Plug the APK in to the USB port on the Android computer
3. Open the Ol File Manager App:

4. Navigate the folders to the APK file:

Installing the App

Select the APK file in the File Manager app:

Press Install
Press Done

Thats it! You will find the newly installed app in  your apps screeen, you can create an icon on the home screen by holding the icon and dropping it on the home screen.


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